MPM Buro Archive

Archive main aim is the formation of contemporary Belarusian photography collection, which would make it possible to enrich, explore and conceptualize the phenomenon of the Belarusian photography. First of all, the MPM Bureau Archive is a basis for further research and exhibition activities. So far the archive has more than 100 works. Among them there are works by
Valery Lobko,
Andrei Liankevich,
Sergei Kozhemyakin,
Siarhiej Leskiec,
Maxim Sarychau,
Yuriy Vasilev,
Igor Savchenko,
Arthur Klinau,
Sergei Brushko,
Valery Katsuba,
Alexander Vasukovich,

Vadim Kachan.

In the course of the Belarusian photo archive formation, the MPM Bureau aims at the creation of the collection that will include significant series and individual images of the Belarusian artists who have been working since the early 1960s to the present day. Particular attention is paid to experimental and innovative works of photographers of the second half of the XX and early XXI centuries. Thus, the collection will include authors who have contributed to the development of photography as an independent art form, as well as have significantly affected the Belarusian photography institutionalization.

The mission of the MPM Bureau Archive is to form a collection for a Belarusian multimedia museum.