MPM award 2016

The idea to establish the MPM Bureau Award appeared at the end of 2016 – the year proclaimed in Belarus as “The Year of Culture”. The team of THE MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK decided to sum up photography-related events that happened in the given period. Thus, we created the Award and singled out the following nominations:

– “The publication of the year (book, article, essay)”;

– “Exhibition / photoproject of the year”;

– “Photographer / author’s project of the year”;

– “Photocutor (curator group) of the year.”

The time of the Award establishment coincided with the time of the MPM Bureau foundation, so we kept the same name for both.

The appearance of the MPM Bureau Award has become a significant step for the institution, since it allows to keep records of the important events in the field of Belarusian photography here and now, as well the MPM BUREAU ARCHIVE does it in terms of recording the history of Belarusian photography.

Making the winners’ names visible, we aim at paying the public attention to the phenomena in the field of Belarusian photography and photocritics which experts, analysts, photographers, lecturers, galleries and art centers employees not indifferent to this medium consider to be important.

To sum up the results of 2016, we have invited 58 experts in the field of photography to share their opinions and consequently received answers from 28 of them. The team of THE MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK offers you to get acquainted with the shortlist and congratulate the winners.


Exhibition / photoproject of the year


3. Valery Katsuba’s personal exhibition «8 Stories» curated by Anna Shpakova  (Gallery Ў)



3. “Out of Every Three Women” and “Commemorative Photo” by Alexander Vasukovich, curated by Anna Shpakova



3. “The Fortress of Europe. Eastern Bastion” curated by Ilona Dergach and Aliaxey Talstou («CZECH»)



2. «Anatomia. The Male’s Body» curated by Dina Danilovich («National Center for Contemporary Arts»)


1. Siarhei Hudzilin’s personal exhibition «Condensate» curated by Antonina Stebur and Anna Karpenko («CZECH»)


Photographer of the year


3. Anton Motolko


3. Siarhei Hudzilin «Condensate»


2. Marina Batjukova “Sula, the Uninterrupted”



1. Alexander Vasukovich “Out of Every Three Women” and “Commemorative Photo”  



Photocutor (curator group) of the year


3. Anna Shpakova, “PRAFOTA” project, “8 Stories” exhibition



3. Vladimir Parfenok, for curating the NCCA activities



2. Dina Danilovich for “Non Fashion”, “Anatomia, the Male’s Body”



1. Antonina Stebur and Anna Karpenko («CZECH») for «Condensate» exhibition


The publication of the year


3. Olga Bubich’s publications (a journalist, photography critic at «Belaruski Zhurnal»/,, Bird in Flight, OnAir, the author of the column «Tomorrow’s Photography»)




2. Marina Batjukova’s album “Their Own Stories”



1. Valeryi Lobko’s catalogue “The Photography of Tomorrow”, published as a part of the series THE LIBRARY OF THE MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK dedicated to the Belarusian photography classics