Award 2018


It is the the third time when the team of THE MONTH PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK  announces the results of the MPM BUREAU AWARD established in 2016 as an annual event which would allow to keep record of the significant events in the field of Belarusian photography. Together with experts and opinion leaders, we form a shortlist and announce the winners in five categories reflecting various formats of production, analysis and interpretation of photography in Belarus. We hope that the award would enable us to track the dynamics of the development of photography in Belarus here and now – just like what the MPM BUREAU ARCHIVE does in terms of recording the history of Belarusian photography.


Continuing the MPM BUREAU AWARD tradition, at the beginning of 2018 we invited curators, analysts, photographers, lecturers, galleries and art centers employees not indifferent to this medium to recall publications, exhibitions, important names of the past year and suggest 1-3 positions in each of the following nominations:

– “The publication of the year (book, article, essay)”
– “Exhibition / photoproject of the year”
– “Photographer / author’s project of the year”
– “Photography curator (curators’ group) of the year”
– “For the contribution to the development of Belarusian photography”

In compiling the shortlist, the opinions of 55 experts were taking into account – this number is the record one in the history of the award.

The team of THE MONTH PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK offers you to get acquainted with the shortlist and congratulate the winners.

Photographer / author’s project of the year


1.Tatsiana Tkachova – “Vera’s Seasons”



2. Alexander Vasukovich – a series of projects on domestic violence



3. Alexey Shlyk – “The Appleseed Necklace”



Exhibition / photoproject of the year

1.“59/82. Open Data on Belarusian Photography”- Anna Samarskaya, Antonina Stebur



2.Piotr Taranda’s “Peaceful Time” – Alena Pratasevich


3.“Genitive Case” – Dzina Danilovich, Uladzimir Parfianok, Alena Pratasevich



Photography curator (curators’ group) of the year


1.Dzina Danilovich – a curator of the festival “The Month of Photography in Minsk-2018” , “Non-fashion”



2. Andrei Dureika, Maxim Tyminko – curators of “Zbor in Process”



3. Anna Lok – a curator of Sergey Shabohin’s exhibition “18/Practices of Subordination”



3.Nadzeja Sauchanka “Sava Siuko (1888-1978). Ljubcha’s Lands’ Photographer.  To 130th anniversary”



The publication of the year (book, article, essay)


  1. “The Color of Belarus” Mikhail Anempadystau




2.  Yuri Vasiliev’s catalogue “To Serve Photography”, editor – Olia Sosnovskaya



3. “The Best Side”, VEHA collective




For the contribution to the development of Belarusian photography


NOVA Gallery