Maxim Sarychau

Maxim Sarychau (born in 1987, Minsk) – photojournalist, visual artist. Lives and works in Minsk, Belarus.

Sarychau has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (BSUIR, Minsk), he studied photography and multimedia storytelling at a number of various educational courses in Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia: CECH (Andrei Polikanov, Yuri Kozyrev, Tatyana Plotnikova, Stanley Greene), ISSP (Adrian Kelterborn, Anna Fox and Adrian Kelterborn), FotoDepartament (Nadezhda Sheremetova), attended a workshop on conflict photography held by Christopher Morris and a course of photojournalism by Andrei Liankevich (Belarus).

Maxim is a member of LЁD collective – a group of artists from Belarus that work on projects where photography, video, art and texts are combined to produce a complex message.

Maxim Sarychau works on long-term photographic projects where he refers to the topics of violence of various forms and grades, both from totalitarian authorities or within traditional society. Another important topic he deals with is the living beings’ rights. His relations with animals move Maxim’s works into the field of ethics, law, politics and humanity.

Using variety of artistic approaches (video, experimental photography, multimedia and others), Maxim works on discovering new forms of visual storytelling combining art and documentary photography.

Maxim Sarychau collaborates with local and international media and NGO. His works were published in Der Spiegel, Stern Crime, Meduza, Forbes Russia, Gare de l’Est, The Verge, Cicero, Bilanz, Business Punk, Datum, Fluter, TAZ, Tages Woche, Publico. Also he works with international organization Amnesty International (UK). He took part in the exhibitions held in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Georgia and China.

“A hello to the arms!”      3 pieces  50×40сm digital print 2012-15