Valery Labko

Valeriy Lobko (born on July 12, 1951, Rava-Russkaya, Lviv region, USSR – † October 7, 2008, Vilnius, Lithuania) – photographer, critic, the former chairman of the Union of Photo Artists of Belarus, the author of original techniques and technologies in the field of camera-less photography . Valeriy Lobko contributed to the formation of one of the central  photographic communities of the country becoming the leader of the Minsk studio “Provincia”. He was also the author and moderator of the legendary branches of the forum “Meeting a Legend” and “Daylight-Loading Developing Tanks” on the Belarusian photo portal «Zнята».

Lobko was a member of the Union of Designers (Belarus, Minsk), a member of “Creative Workshops” Center, a chairman of the Board of the First Union of Photo Artists of Belarus, a curator of exhibition projects, the inventor of a number of techniques in film development and printing (partially published in two large articles of the large encyclopedic reference book: “Photography” ( Minsk, BelEn, 1992.) His experience and works influenced the artistic careers of some well-known contemporary photographers.

Valeriy Lobko was the author of the column “Creative Photography” in the magazine “Mastatstva.” He edited a number of books on photography and the catalogue “Fotografie aus Minsk” and regularly wrote articles and essays on art photography and Belarusian art photography in local periodicals (“Маstatstva Belarusi”, “Маstatstva”), articles on photography (sections “Developing”, “Printing”, “Additional Image Processing” in the “Encyclopedia of Photography”.

During his last years, Valeriy Lobko’s main studies in photography were in researching productive educational methods, including distance learning, and the creation of studio photography courses for the Belarusian State Academy of Arts and the European Humanities University in Vilnius.

Valeriy Lobko’s photographic practice is considered in the context of the phenomenon of the Minsk school of creative photography.

“Palesye series”      7 pieces    bromide silver print

  • Old man 29,1х38,3 cm