About the award

The idea of ​​founding the MPM BUREAU AWARD appeared in 2016 – the Year of Culture in Belarus. The award aims at documenting photography-related events that have taken place in the country. The team of THE MONTH PHOTOGRAPHY IN MINSK created a special award with 4 nominations:

– the publication of the year (book, article, essay)

– exhibition / photoproject of the year

– photographer / author’s project of the year

– photography curator (curators’ group) of the year

Alongside with the establishment of the award, the MPM BUREAU was founded, thus it was decided to leave one name for both the initiatives.

 The foundation of the award is a significant step for the MPM BUREAU as an institution,  as it allows us to document important events in the world of Belarusian photography. We hope that the award would enable us to track the dynamics of the development of photography in Belarus here and now – just like what the MPM BUREAU ARCHIVE does in terms of recording the history of Belarusian photography.